The Narcissist's Prayer

May 31, 2024

Hello everybody! I hope you're all doing well out there. In light of today's historic legal ruling, here is a piece.

The Narcissist's Prayer

Lord, you will grant Me the serenity to avoid all accountability and consequences for events which may involve Me.

You will grant Me the strengths:

To remain sufficiently liquid in all My trust funds.

To avoid tax audits following multiple bankruptcies.

To not be prosecuted after I brag about sexual assault.

To not be questioned about My spontaneous bone spurs.

To avoid federal charges after I orchestrate a spectacular insurrection.

To exceed all sales estimates of My holy bibles, alcohol and golden sneakers.

To convince My followers that all merit-based losses were simply malicious acts orchestrated by my adversaries seeking to conspire against Me.

To believe that I am always both victim and martyr.

To receive lucrative sums for sharing this country’s top secret classified documents.

Lord, should I ever be found guilty and forced to face consequences for the aforementioned actions, and those I plan to commit, for which I would be totally innocent, you will need to help Me appeal to a Supreme Court of whom I have anointed.

I will accept the role of President wherein I may once again seek my rightful place above the rule of law. Amen.

Peace & Love, Worldwide ✌🏼❤️🌍


Love In A Bubble

April 30, 2024

Hello everybody, I hope you’re all doing well out there! Today, I'll share both short update and rumination.

We celebrated Sofia’s 1st month and Sebastian’s 21st month of life. Each day, we take a moment to step outside ourselves and appreciate what we have. We tell our little guy why we are proud of him. He soaks up the positivity. His remarkable behavior compounds. We are neither perfect nor omniscient. I make mistakes. We make mistakes...and We consider the possibility of fun days not always lasting forever; we soak them up now to cherish.

Outside our suburban bubble, grown-ups watch a former President on trial in three separate States for three separate crimes. A hush money case in New York, an election fraud case in Arizona, and in the nation’s capital seeking Presidential Immunity from the Supreme Court.

In a world where the richest man still defies a legal agreement for 6+ years, the rule of law itself comes into question. It should never be a conversation, yet here we are.

Outside our bubble, a world in conflict continues in Ukraine and Gaza. The public continues to ask existential questions about the importance of nationalism, isolationism, and the importance of alliances in times of deep division.

Parents make difficult choices from day 0. In many ways, we prepare our whole lives to be parents. As a species, procreation is arguably our only job. As members of a complex societal order, the lessons we teach start immediately and last a lifetime.

There is so much love in a bubble.

Peace & Love, Worldwide ✌🏼❤️🌍


Baby Sofia

March 31, 2024

Hello everybody. Happy Easter. Happy Transgender Day of Visibility. I hope this message finds you well.

Lots happening in the world, but this post is dedicated to our new baby.

The moments alone in hospital waiting rooms are often among my clearest. Waiting to be called into the delivery room, 45 minutes to ruminate on one question: What do I want for our little girl about to enter this world?

While it's nobody's business except my own, I will share my answer.

Happiness, Health and Wisdom. Self-awareness and empathy. Education and Passions & Challenges she will overcome; and a few she perhaps cannot. Surrounded by those who will stand up for her and, occasionally if/when necessary, stand up to her.

Cheers in advance to all the memories our family will create together.

Peace & Love, Worldwide ✌🏼❤️🌍


Leap Year 2024

February 29, 2024

Hello everybody. I hope you’re all doing well. In the spirit of today’s leap year, I will keep this one short but relevant until the next leap year in February 2028.

America is the best Country for me. Yet, America is not perfect. Politicians on all sides of the political spectrum work non-stop to achieve their own agendas. Some work to strengthen America while others work to line their own pockets. Those who erode America’s sacred institutions or partner with foreign adversaries who have promised to weaken America in order to achieve their political ends perhaps should take a moment to reflect on their commitment to America.

Peace & Love, Worldwide ✌🏼❤️🌍


Hello 2024

January 31, 2024

Happy New Year! I hope you are doing well.

My personal goal for 2024 is to expand through balance & zen; to embody a carefully crafted haiku.

My body is strong enough to run once again. We'll pursue a half marathon. My mind & spirit itch to publish a few choice pieces of art, so we'll accomplish that too. I will shsare those details throughout the year.

2024 is also an election year in the United States. I wrote at length on the topic here.

I wish everybody the best fortune this upcoming year.

Peace & Love, Worldwide ✌🏼❤️🌍